Cody Beals

Cody Beals
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About Me

As an Ames native, I’ve had exposure to the most advance technology through Iowa State University, home of the first computer. This stirred up a passion in me to make creative use of technology to help businesses reach their clients.

As a student in the College of Business at Iowa State, I’ve been exposed to a well developed curriculum helping business students, such as myself, get a well-rounded view of how a business operates. Working in an IT field, this broad understanding of how the business operates is crucial to providing better technological resources to other members of the business so that everyone can operate more efficiently and provide a better service to our clients.

Through my enrollment at ISU, I’ve had opportunity to work as an IT Management and Support Technician with the Center for Survey Statistics and Methodology at ISU. Through this work, I’ve been exposed to even more of the latest in technology and IT Management, while getting to partner with 100s of other IT Staff across the campus through a support and education network. In addition to all the real-world team work and communication, I’ve gained experience with  technologies such has RHEL, RHV, Microsoft SCCM, Jamf Casper, Active Directory, Group Policy, and many more.